Keychain Heart Designs

Personalized Keychain Heart is a wonderful key chain accent. This Personalized Keychain Heart makes a wonderful housewarming or stocking stuffer. Personalized Keychain Heart comes in two styles. These are: “Scratch and Dent” and “Scratch and Gain.” Choose “Scratch and Gain” if you want a more ornate look with more detail.

First, choose a heart design from the options. A popular choice is a personalized heart with a photo on the front. To create an old-time vintage look, choose a heart with a crystal background and a textured heart design. If you’re looking for something a little more modern, choose a solid silver heart with a photo. For the best impact, choose a close-up portrait for the photo.

For the best impact, try to get a larger photo onto the front of the heart so that you can put it against the photo you chose. Make sure you put the photo at least four inches away from the heart. Using a cardstock, glue one side of the heart to the back of the card and then the front of the card and set aside. Print out the photo (either the front or back) and use your own photos as templates for the other side of the keychain.

Use the template to cut your own heart shape. Take your photo and use it to guide you through a keychain heart making process. Lay your heart outline over the photo. Add your personal message and heart shape to the heart by sewing or gluing your design together. Be sure to include your tag line in the quote. Use craft glue or your own pick, and press the heart shape directly onto the cardstock.

You’ll want to take some of the pictures you’ve made and select those that best represent your personality. If you are into sports, be sure to select a picture of your favorite player or sport. If you are into music, maybe a song lyric will do. The more personal and unique to the design, the better! You can print out the heart shapes and use those instead of the traditional tag lines for all of your photos.

Make sure to include the tag line you would like printed onto your keychain. For a unique touch, have some of your friends or family members to help you create the heart design on the tag. Try designing something together or invite some of your friends to join you in designing the tag. Let them brainstorm with you until they think the heart is perfect.

After the hearts are printed, you can use a hot glue gun to glue each tag to the heart shaped tag line. Or, you can also use some tape and glue each tag to the keychain. Once you’ve glued them on, you can use the hot glue gun to glue them on individually. When you’re putting them on individually, make sure to use lots of tape so they don’t come off! Glue each tag on separately until you are happy with the design and color of your keychain.

Print your own heart keychain. Use your favorite photo, or go online to find an appropriate photo and clipart. Then simply print it out and have someone etch your personalized heart on it. You can have everyone that receives this special gift to be able to recognize what it is from you. This is a great gift idea that’s both unique and personal.

Keychain wallets are a great thing to give as gifts. You can give one for Christmas, birthdays, Father’s day, bridal showers and etc. They are always a hit. If you haven’t picked one up lately, now is a great time to do so.

There are a lot of unique ideas for a keychain heart design. If you want something different this year, then go online and look for different keychain heart templates. There are some awesome ones that you can use to get a nice personalized look. There are also some great websites that you can buy your keychain template from.

Try to be creative with your tags. You never know who will be wearing them. But it will be a great gift that people will keep. Make sure that they are something that they will love receiving on a regular basis. Have fun while creating these fun keychain tags.

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